FAQs – Pier 70 Partners

Glad you asked. It’s right here.
420 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

No, there is NO parking at the venue.

We strongly encourage you to use public transportation or your favorite ride-sharing app, or why on Earth not… call a taxi.
For public transportation: The T-line has a stop just a couple of blocks away, on 3rd Street and 20th.

Best of luck to you! There is very limited parking located a one mile away at Lots B and E (near AT&T Park).
1725 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Oh, no! Sorry to hear. We make sure to hold items of value that are turned in for safekeeping for up to two weeks, with the hopes that the rightful owner shall come calling.  Please email the following with a detailed description of the lost item and we’ll get back to you:  info@pier70partners.com

Probably not. While every event is unique, more often that not, once your ticket has been scanned you will not be allowed to leave and re-enter the venue.
In case you believe otherwise, please see the event details for further clarification.

Pier 70 Partners is not responsible for backstage access, meet-and-greet passes, early entry or any other way to meet a band or performer. Occasionally, a radio station or fan club may offer something along these lines, but Pier 70 Partners is not managing any such opportunities and has absolutely no access to these passes. (Sorry!) Please contact the radio station or responsible organization directly.

Thank you so much for asking–you are super-smart, not to mention utterly cool.

The specific event you are attending will have its own set of rules so be sure to source the Event Details of your specific event, but you can count on these unless explicitly stated to the contrary:

Alcoholic beverages, barbecues, and tailgating are not permitted in neighboring parking lots or near the venue.

Like everywhere else in California, smoking is prohibited.

No loitering in the neighborhood, out of respect for the neighborhood and its businesses. Our security will turn people away and we of course we will involve SFPD if we need to. We really hope we don’t need to.

The venue has the right to restrict any items at any time without prior warning.

The following items are not allowed in the venue:

• Drones
• Weapons of any kind
• Illegal substances
• Alcohol (will be sold inside the event)
• Backpacks, purses and/or bags over 12” x 12” x 8”
• Professional Video/Audio recording equipment
• Professional still camera equipment with a detachable lens, tripods, zooms, or commercial use rigs
• Go Pro along with attachments like selfie-sticks & monopods
• Aerosol Cans

• Bicycles inside event grounds
• Skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles
• Lawn furniture, tents or umbrellas
• Fireworks and explosives
• Musical Instruments
Picnic baskets, Large or Hard-sided Coolers
• Pets (dogs trained to assist persons with disability are permitted
• Laser Pointers
• Glass or cans of any kind
• Large chains or spiked jewelry
• Outside food or beverage

*Management has the right to restrict any items at any time without prior warning.